Tuesday, July 24, 2012

McDonald’s Dream

This was a real dream.  I encourage fellow writers to record theirs.  

In the McDonald’s I go to most often, I’m having breakfast.  Samuel L. Jackson, fresh from his role as Nick Fury in The Avengers, comes over to me.  He’s an employee, so he’s dressed in the older sort of McDonald’s uniform, in bright red and yellow, complete with cap. 

A display case shows three new products, each in a cup normally used for drinks. 

Jackson takes the cup on the left and, in his edgy voice, asks if I want to try a sample. 

I ask, “How much?” 

Jackson looks around and yells, “You hear that?  He’s concerned about getting charged!”  He turns back to me and says, “It’s a free sample.” 

I take and look down into the cup.  At first I think it’s empty, then I realize there’s a tiny amount of tortilla chips and bits of cheese at the bottom, enough to make small nachos for one when microwaved—obviously a good snack idea. 

Jackson next hands me the center cup from the display.  “Have a free sample.” 

Again, the cup appears to be empty—just what appears to be dark caramel at the bottom, not even covering the entire flat part, the liquid mostly in the circular edge. 

I sniff.  It smells like caramel, but a certain lift in energy comes along.  This is obviously a way of administering caffeine by having people inhale it—a real innovation. 

We never look at the third product. 

If you like that dream, you might like the one that had Tom Cruise in it.  

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