Saturday, January 27, 2018

Book Purge

Here’s my latest book purge: three hardcovers and nine paperbacks. These just didn’t turn out to be as interesting as I thought they would. They are both fiction and non-fiction, and I’ll sell them to a used books store.

In addition, I plan on giving a book on writing to a friend, and I’ll donate four non-fiction books to a library.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Falling on Books Dream

In my dream, I was looking around in my parents’ living room for an issue of MAD Magazine that had something important in it. This was the old version of MAD, which would have astonishing artwork as they parodied current movies through their entire plots. Also, they could have biting social satire.

public domain

I didn’t want to ask my parents where it was, since it would be kind of embarrassing to consider an issue of MAD to be important and to spend time looking for it.

I went into the kitchen, which was a gigantic area more like the kitchen for a large restaurant. My mother was doing something at the sink. At this point my search in the dream was now for a magazine of Star Trek: Voyager.

Photo by Commander Idham

The sink was in a long island of the kitchen, and I was on the other side of it. Suddenly I grabbed the tall, upside-down U of the faucet and swung on it, leaving the ground.

In real life, I rolled off my bed. I landed on the three stacks of books I keep beside it, each almost as tall as the bed. That gave me a scrape on my stomach an inch and a half long. I had minor scrapes on my thighs. The books are okay.

So, what happened in that last part of my dream? I’m sure I didn’t dream of swinging around the faucet, and then my body followed suit. Instead, my brain sensed my body’s motion and incorporated that into my dream. I consider dreams to mostly be the brain’s way of defragging itself to sort memories together, but it’s obviously a complex process.

I think it’s extremely important for writers to write down their dreams. For a more interesting one, click here


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