Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Piezoelectric Clothing

Here’s an excerpt from my novel manuscript Alpha Shift. Linda and Vox, whom we’ve seen in a previous excerpt, realize the ship is being attacked from the inside. They are arguing in a corridor.

Their dresses take advantage of the piezo-electric effect to use the body’s motion to charge specially-designed clothing. In my story, information can also be stored in the clothing.

Linda realized she was holding her fists in front of her. She lowered them. “I believe the nearest strategic point is life support station 3. I think we can both agree the air conditioning could use a little freshening up. Let’s see if our dresses agree on the route, of if they’re hacked, too.”

She tapped the sleeve on the upper arm of her dress to call up a route program. Since Vox’s velour dress had full-length sleeves, she had the ease of tapping her forearm. Ever since some drunken ensign on shore leave was found unconscious and stripped of his uniform—which had valuable ship’s information—military clothing was not allowed to carry much data. But so long as they had their dresses on, they could not get lost on the ship.

The sideways map on Linda’s sleeve matched the one on Vox’s forearm, showing the best route to the life support station. “At least our dresses haven’t been hacked.”

“Unless it is a coordinated hack, leading us to an ambush.” Vox showed no expression. “Shall I lead the way?”

Life support 3 wasn’t hard to find. A pile of bodies lay outside the hatch.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Batman – Robert Pattinson

Word is officially out. There’s a new Batman! The dark knight will be played by Robert Pattinson. Uh, Robert Pattinson?

photo by Nicolas Genin 

Do not get me wrong: Whether you like the first Twilight movie or not, it is a model for inciting incidents, try/fail cycles, and of course, the climactic moment when the hero desperately has to perform a forbidden act to save the day.

But it seems to me he lacks the gravitas to play Batman. He’ll have to bulk up a lot to play the part. I’m not sure millions of people will pay a lot of money to see him as the caped crusader.

What next, Kristen Stewart as Wonder Woman?

public domain 

That might attract a few people.

But who would play Superman?

photo by Eva Rinaldi


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