Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Volcano Dream

I had a dream last night.  I strongly recommend that all of you write down your dreams.  This one was the result of childhood memories of a book on snakes, discussions on the Greek language, my posting excerpts from my historical fantasy manuscripts, the name Cruz coming up at work, and the recent anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption.

Photo by kballard

             We were washed up on a Pacific island.  A blonde girl was caught by a boa constrictor in the jungle.  I shot it with a handgun. 
              Another guy dragged her free.  The boa was still alive, still dangerous.  The other guy and I used sticks to drag it from the trees.  The thickest part was half as big as a telephone pole.  I shot it in the head. 
              The scene shifted.  I was on a soccer field, watching a church youth group.  They were playing a game similar to soccer, but they were using their hands instead of their feet to pass around a ball about the size of a handball.  It looked complicated, so I decided not to participate. 
              I sat in the backseat of my car, writing more on a historical fantasy manuscript, set in Greek mythology.  After a while, I noticed Tom Cruise was watching me through the back window.  I set aside the manuscript and lugged a huge reference book on either the ancient Greek language or ancient Greek mythology from the floor of the car onto the backseat and opened it.  He watched, fascinated, as I looked something up. 
              Tom Cruise was so intrigued, he opened up the back window, as if that part of it had a mini-hatchback design.  While I was looking at him, I saw a massive gray column rise in the distance.  I realized a volcano was erupting.  Gray ash began raining down, and some of it floated into the car.  I pointed out to him what was happening, but he was so drawn to my studies, he was oblivious. 
              I woke up.  I felt my body trembling, so I assumed a minor earthquake was going on, and that had influenced the last part of my dream.  It was so convincing, I originally titled this dream, “Earthquake Dream.”  I now have to conclude I was shivering.  So maybe that caused the volcanic eruption to intrude.  


Damyanti said...

Dreams are a great resource for writers. Good job on recording this one!

Ellie Garratt said...

Now that was a dream worth recording. I love it when so many disparate topics inform one dream!


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