Monday, April 2, 2012

Battlestar Galactica: Images of the Feminine

As I said in my previous post on the Science Fiction Museum’s Battlestar Galactica exhibit, I’ll now show you contrasting images of the feminine from the series. 

Below is the red dress that Number 6 sometimes wore. 

As you can see from the placard beside it, they were careful to sculpt the mannequin to reflect the look of Number 6 in the series.  Notice how closely it drapes to the classic hourglass figure that Number 6 displayed. 

In contrast, below is the flight jumpsuit that Starbuck wore in the series. 

Notice the utilitarian nature of it, down to the waterproof pocket on the left thigh for carrying strategic paperwork.  The jumpsuit might be unisex in its overall design, but each individual suit has to be fitted to the pilot to avoid bulkiness.  In its own way, it reflects Starbuck’s hourglass figure, including the muscular nature of her upper body. 

Two images of the feminine.  Both featured prominently in the series.  Both are legitimate.  What goes through your mind as you meditate on the contrasts?  


Lynda R Young said...

Wish we had cool stuff like that come to Australia. Love both costumes. I think I'd be more comfortable in Starbuck's jumpsuit though hehehe.

Nicki Elson said...

I love that something utilitarian can be feminine.

You made me laugh with your comment at my place about Aliens landing in Orlando. That would be hilarious! Especially because they could openly walk around the parks and no one would be frightened - they'd probably line up to have their pictures taken with them!

M Pax said...

They're very ying and yang of the female I'd say. Looks like a really cool exhibit.

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

Such an interesting comparison. Both fit a woman's figure, yet the materials and the amount of materials contrast. Each outfit is suited to its own purpose.

Must have been an interesting exhibit.


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