Monday, April 9, 2012

Norwescon III —Professional Help and More Pics

MaryRobinette Kowal gave me a lesson in public reading—assuming I get published and end up reading an excerpt from a novel at a convention.  She pointed out a vocal tic I have, as well as good exercises to do for reading the voices of different characters. 

Rhiannon Held read an excerpt from her novel, Silver, coming out soon.  She does a good job of public reading, and the hotel conference room was fascinated by her excerpt. 

As far as fun pictures are concerned, here’s a Next Generation fan: 

Also, Terehskova 2001 showed up again, this time as Padmé Amidala.  

I’ll have more pictures on occasion in future posts.  

[Permission granted to use any photo on this post, so long as it is labeled “Photo by Mark Murata”] 


C.M.Brown said...

Great pics, is Norwescon II like a cozplay and author, actor exhibition?
We have something called Supanova here in Australia if it is, which is similar.

Mark Murata said...

Norwescon has three distinct parts: Aspiring writers like me who benefit from workshops on writing, fans who want to meet their favorite authors or who just like to dress up, and gamers who spend the convention gaming without showering (they tend to be in a separate wing).

Actors don't tend to show up, and the exhibition area is about books and costumes, not movie connections. Many conventions in America follow this pattern.

Kate Coursey said...

Love the costumes!


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