Monday, April 18, 2016

My Nominees for the Hugo Awards

For a description of the annual Hugo Awards, look at their official site. My nominees for certain categories are as follows:

Best Novel: Virtues of War by Bennett R. Coles.

I reviewed Virtues of War at this previous post.

Best Novella: “The Coward’s Option” by Adam-Troy Castro in Analog magazine.

I usually don’t review shorter works, but I did here.

Best Short Story: “The Narrative of More” by Tom Greene and “The Museum of Modern Warfare” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

I thought the best short story I read last year was “The Narrative of More.” It is the fascinating account of what seems to be an anthropologist studying a degenerate human colony on a planet. They live by foraging and cannot build a civilization, not because they lack intelligence, but because they are all habitual thieves and liars.

Since the Hugo Awards allow us more than one nominee in a category, I also included “The Museum of Modern Warfare,” where a veteran has to encounter old memories.

Best Professional Artist: Julie Dillon.


As I indicated in a previous post, Julie Dillon did a slideshow of her work at Norwescon.  


Anne Doucette said...

So...I take it you're going to Worldcon this year? :) Maybe I'll see you there! Am looking forward to it. We'll see who the winners are. Too bad these didn't make it on the shortlist, though I saw a couple of my personal faves in most of the categories. I finally decided to join up too late for the nomination part and I haven't voted yet. Keep hoping to have time to glance at a couple of the works/artists I'm not familiar with yet. I'm really happy DSF made the list (Daily Science Fiction.) Anyway, there can only be one right? :)

Mark Murata said...

I'm not planning on going to Worldcon this time. I might save my money to go to a writers conference.


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