Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stand and Deliver: Julius Caesar and Others

Covenant Christian Middle School is run by a friend of mine. They tend to do a spring program that features recitals and a play.

Here is the school reciting large amounts of scripture by memory.

This went on for a number of minutes without a break. I certainly was not educated that way.

Of course, it’s not all rote memorization. Here are some students backstage, waiting to perform.

I’m not sure their teacher would appreciate that picture as much.

Here they are onstage. They take turns reciting important moments of history and acting out brief scenes.

The main play is an abridged version of Julius Caesar. This featured twenty-four speaking roles, and a lot of action onstage. Below is Julius Caesar.

These handmade costumes show the effort that went into the production.

Below, Brutus (on the right) plots assassination.

This is just part of the stage. The players interact over the entire stage.

After the assassination of Caesar, Mark Antony delivers the speech that supposedly buries Caesar, but actually buries Brutus.

The quasi-busts behind her (one draped with a sash) looked quite solid. They were made from foam core painted gray, then splattered with black and ivory paint. 

As usual, a fantastic evening presented by the students of CCMS. 


Misha Gericke said...

Anthony's speech from Julius Caesar is actually one of my favorite pieces of writing EVER.

You can practically feel his rage come alive off the page as you read it.

Crystal Collier said...

I've always loved the stage. It must have been a blast to see.


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