Wednesday, July 23, 2014

PNWA – Synchronicity

At this year’s PNWA writers conference, I was hoping to see Halie Fewkes, whom I met last year. On Friday when I arrived, I walked into the hotel rather purposefully, then realized I might be going the wrong way. While I was looking at a map on the wall, I heard someone say “Mark?” I turned, and it was Halie. She had recognized me instantly. See her Facebook page here.

Halie Fewkes is on the right
with her agent Katie Reed

Later on, when I was in a crowded hallway going to see James Rollins speak, I realized I had forgotten my ticket. Feeling hot and bothered, I retrieved it from my car and returned to an empty hallway. Except for Halie. She had also forgotten her ticket.

So we joined a couple of her friends in the banquet room, looking for a table. None had four seats left, so we sat at a table marked RESERVED. Someone (not me) took the sign down, and we had a good time. As I said, “The worst they can do is sic the dogs on us.” 

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