Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tips on Fixing Chapter One

The accomplished writer Patricia Wrede is giving tips on her blog on fixing chapter one of your manuscript. These are very helpful.

I think you’ll see why from the post titles:
    Fixing Chapter One, part one
    Fixing Chapter One: Why
    Fixing Chapter One: Character
    Fixing Chapter One: Plot
    Fixing Chapter One: Background, setting, backstory
    Fixing Chapter One: Putting it all together
    Moving on (chapters 2 and 3)

In my own (unpublished) experience, it is best if the first sentence tells the reader something personal about the character, has some action, and gives some idea of the physical background. 

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Stephanie Faris said...

Great tips! I read recently that you should never start a book with dialogue. This was new to me. I don't think I ever do...but I've certainly read plenty of books over the years that do!


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