Saturday, March 16, 2013


I strongly recommend the TV series Continuum, starring Rachel Nichols as a police agent from the future. 

photo by Tabercil 

In 2077, police officer Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) gets sucked into a time vortex used by terrorists to escape into the past—our present.  The terrorists have the advantage of their futuristic perspective on our present time, and some of them have enhanced muscular strength.  Kiera has the advantage of cybernetic implants in her eyes and a suit that is pretty much a walking computer, while being fairly bulletproof. 

She is aided by the young Alec, a computer genius who can communicate with an implant in her brain.  How?  In the future, he will invent that system. 

Continuum is a smart, well-scripted show with believable action scenes.  The show is an intriguing mix of police procedural and science fiction.  But Kiera is not all brains and brawn—she has a strong emotional core, which shows as she longs to return to her family in 2077.  I cannot recommend this show enough.  It's already run successfully in Canada, and here in America it's on Monday nights on the SyFy channel at 8:00.  Sometimes they show a rerun of the previous episode right before.   

While looking up Rachel Nichols, who does a superb acting job, I found out she was in the 2009 Star Trek movie.  I thought about it for maybe ten seconds, then I realized whom she played.  Can you guess it? 

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Lynda R Young said...

That was a cool vid. And yep, I'm enjoying Continuum... There's a lot of potential there, playing with time.


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