Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Good Computer Recycler

I took my three old computers to for recycling.  As I handed one to a worker there, he said, “Oh, that’s an old one!” 

I said, “It’s the first one I ever owned.” 

  Dewey Louie Hewey  

Now that I think about it, my first one was an Apple IIe.  I labored mightily on it to write an entire novel using WordPerfect.  Anyone?  Anyone? 

But has a good reputation for erasing the hard drive, which was the main reason I had hung onto the three relics for so long.  It would be a pain to plug them up to monitors and keyboards again and use some erasing software that I’m not even sure the oldest one could handle.  The alternative would be to spin the internal disks around while holding a sturdy form of sandpaper up to them.  

Also, they’ll fix up some of the usable computers and give them to third world countries.  So if you live in the Seattle area and have computers you’re using as ottomans, you might stop on by. 

But I have to admit, mine were not as cute as the drones in Silent Running.  

1 comment:

Ellie Garratt said...

Oh, Hewey. I remember him. I loved Silent Running.

I wrote my first short story on a Brother word processor. Still have it somewhere.


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