Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Freelance Editor

Emily R. King is hosting her What’s New Wednesday.  For me, it’s a new phase in writing:  

I finally hired a freelance editor to go over one of my manuscripts, and it was a neat experience.  Leigh T. Moore edited my vampire satire, and she made valuable comments, as well as catching some embarrassing inconsistencies. 

Some freelancers will charge you thousands of dollars, but I found her rate very reasonable.  If you’re skittish about the idea, she’ll do a free 500 word sample edit.  So I recommend:


LTM said...

Hey, thanks, Mark! It was fun working with you on your book, and I appreciate the rec here. Word of mouth is how we grow!

All the best in your future projects~ :o)

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

Thanks for the recommendation! These are always nice to have as we all need a different set of eyes to view our work now and again.


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