Friday, March 11, 2011

Possible Agent!

An influential agency in the science fiction/fantasy field asked for the first 50-75 pages of one of my novels! Below is the query letter that intrigued them. I can only wait and hope.

Dear (influential agency):

I have heard strong recommendations for your agency at different Worldcons, and I would be delighted if you would consider representing my young adult science fiction novel Tica Manus: Ensign Extraordinaire.

Tica Manus and her posse at the Academy have a perfect record -- they've never been caught at their pranks, whether it's hauling a toilet onto a dorm ledge or hacking into a campus monitor to watch live transmissions from the Fleet. Eager to leave Earth and join the Fleet to tour the colonized worlds, Tica can't wait to initiate their final eye-catching pranks at graduation. But when graduation day does come, Tica and their whole civilization are horrified by a broadcast of nuclear weapons destroying their outermost colony.

Thrust into a Fleet that is suddenly more serious, Tica has to catch up fast when she finds factions onboard her ship, vying for power and ready to undercut the captain. When a faction tries to recruit her, she realizes they're grown-up versions of the posses back in school, only more serious -- determining the glide path of one's career in the Fleet. Though she was warned to leave her prankster past behind, Tica's trickster nature may be the key to smacking down the posses that are fracturing the ship.

Tica Manus: Ensign Extraordinaire is complete and the word count is 69,456.

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