Friday, March 11, 2011

100 Word Writing Contest

Literary agent Janet Reid, over at her blog, is having a writing contest that ends tonight. Entries must be short stories of 100 words or less that include the following words: sushi heater squibs tingo firefly. Below is my entry. How'd I do?

The three fairies swooped down in a daring line attack, a firefly trapped in each bonnet for illumination. Tingo glanced back once to indicate she was ready, her goggled eyes showing no expression. Then in she dove, using the purloined spark-heater to set off the squibs. The barb flew straight and true, burying itself with a clang in the hideous metal leg. Then the three flew round and round, wrapping all three legs with their silver cord. The Martian war machine tripped and fell into the water, like a child’s top in its last spin.

“Eat sushi!” cried Tingo.


Anonymous said...

Very clever my man! I like the way you wove all those words in a coherent story. Let me know the final result of the contest.

Anonymous said...

Excellent challenge! Your words fit so nicely, you'd never know they were requirements. Good work. Sara


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