Saturday, July 15, 2017

Amazon Kindle Ripped Me Off

So I ordered a copy of The Daughters of Palatine Hill by Phyllis T. Smith as a digital book for my Kindle. (It’s historical fiction set in ancient Rome.)

It never arrived on my Kindle.

I did all the troubleshooting Amazon recommended. I made sure I had a good wireless connection. My software is updated (I previously downloaded something just a couple weeks before.) I synced to check for items. My payment was valid, I wasn’t filtering incorrectly, and I did a full restart. I tried downloading it multiple times. Nothing.

To my horror, I discovered there is no way to complain about a missing e-book. If it’s a book made out of paper, they have an incredible tracking system and do everything they can to make sure the customer is satisfied. But for the digital editions, nothing. (If you’re a Dune fan, imagine Kyle MacLachlan saying, “For the father, nothing.”)

I found a cheap, used paper version on Amazon and bought that. In the future, if this happens again with a digital edition, what should I do? Should I go over to Barnes & Noble? 


J.H. Moncrieff said...

That seems bizarre. There must be some way to fix this. Amazon has such great customer service. Have you tried just contacting their main customer service department?

Hope you get it figured out!

Damyanti said...

This is weird. Don't expect this of Amazon.

Mark Murata said...

Thank you for the suggestion, J.H. I've pretty much tried every link for my Account, Orders, or Returns. Nothing but general advice. No way to say my particular Kindle order didn't arrive.


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