Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Of course it’s not Skynet

DeepMind. Perhaps the most powerful gaming artificial intelligence in the world. It is designed to learn organically, like a living creature. DeepMind just beat Lee Sedol, the world champion of Go—the board game that uses black and white stones.

The operators of DeepMind assure us that it is only used for games—for the moment—so it is harmless. Well, that’s comforting, and . . . hey, didn’t they ever see WarGames?

It was kind of funny to watch that and see nuclear missiles being targeted at Seattle.

DeepMind is part of Google. Their motto is “Don’t be evil.” And if you believe that, then you won’t fear that this worldwide network will ever become Skynet.


Misha Gericke said...

Hahahahaha "Don't be evil."

But maybe it's just a front. Hmmmmm....

Lexa Cain said...

I saw that Go match on the TV news. So cool! I remember War Games. Even for its time it was a bit too "messagey" for me. From the same time period, I liked The Last Starfighter.

(Thanks for dropping by my blog. I generally agree with you about never mentioning politics (or religion) on blogs. I've never done it before. I blame the pain meds! lol But I didn't choose sides, and anyone who likes seeing violence at rallies isn't anyone I'm worried about offending.)

Mark Murata said...

Apologies to Misha and Lexa for not approving your posts earlier. Somehow they ended up in my spam filter.

Or maybe Skynet did it on purpose.


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