Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Norwescon I—Reading, Dalek, Footfalls

I was at Norwescon—the region’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention for writers—over the weekend. On Thursday I only arrived in the evening, so besides attending the opening ceremonies, I simply listened to one author do a private reading from an upcoming book of hers.

There was also a Dalek

Parking was terrible. I had to park at the overflow parking a few blocks down. I do not like walking in SeaTac in the dark. (Believe it or not, the SeaTac—Seattle-Tacoma—airport came first, then the area around it became incorporated as SeaTac later.)

As I did the final long walk towards the other hotel’s parking lot, I heard footfalls behind me. Running. They were some distance away. I changed the way I was walking and carrying my case to hear better. Still the sound of running. Catching up.

I approached the parking structure. Not afraid, I paused to take a picture of it. As I proceeded in, I heard a cough behind me. Not breathing over my neck—it was how sound carries at night, but still getting closer.

I went to the passenger’s side of my car. I store an object there that can be handy for a time like that. But no need. After I put my case and got in my car, I saw an older fellow with gray hair head for the parking elevator. He was the one who would have coughed.

But where was the person who was running?

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