Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland Votes on Independence

Scotland votes today on whether to secede from Great Britain. This has caught a lot of people off guard. A few months ago the Yes vote was around 40% in the polls, so the issue was ignored. But in the last few weeks they caught up and now it is considered too close to call.

This was partly because the Yes or Independence vote rallied with all their might, while the No or Unity vote just sat around, thinking nothing would happen. I have no way of predicting the outcome, which should be announced tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, I highly recommend the soundtrack from the movie Braveheart. Some people say the main theme is the same as Holt’s “Jupiter Suite,” but the composer James Horner modified it enough to call it his own. It’s great background music while doing other things. 

1 comment:

Stephanie Faris said...

It is a great soundtrack! It's hard for me to listen to it, though, without thinking of the ending. The ending of that movie depresses me.


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