Monday, May 5, 2014

Robin Hood

Last week I attended a middle school play. Among other performances were eighth graders who recited their own compositions on historical figures like Augustine and Eleanor of Aquitaine. There were also recitations of Bible verses and Shakespearean quotations. The main part of it was a play (really a series of mini-plays) on the adventures of Robin Hood.

I was having more difficulty with my new camera than I should have, so the only presentable picture is this one, showing the hand-sewn costumes for some of the female players.

Obviously, this doesn’t do the costumes justice, and it’s the typical awkward sort of picture that shows more of the background than the people. But this was a good evening with all the students having to play their parts, acting out surprisingly long lines of dialog by memory.

In a previous entry, I showed the head of Covenant Christian Middle School, Sara Loudon, in period dress.  


Someone took a much better picture. It’s so good, I suspect this was done during rehearsal.

Click to enlarge

At the play, it took me a few moments to realize the girl was Robin Hood and the guy was Little John. Shrug. 


Emily R. King said...

Fun! And what a great experience for the kids.
Love the costumes. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that was a stunning shot, but it WAS taken during the performance. Tom Bilbro arrived to watch the play but always carries his camera. He scooted around during the performance, unbeknownst to me, and worked his magic. The costumes are courtesy of my amazing seamstress parent, Lorie Wise. Thanks for being there, Mark. Sara


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