Monday, September 2, 2013

Worldcon Blog Supplemental—Wednesday

On Wednesday I flew to San Antonio for Worldcon, the big science fiction convention.  I made a point of seeing The Alamo as my first tourist site. 

It contains memorabilia such as Davy Crockett’s leather wallet, and also his long gun, including two powder horns!  They do not allow photographs inside, and they ask men to remove their hats.  I approve of the formality.  The interior walls must not be touched, and they still show names and initials carved into them from that period. 

This view shows more detail of the architecture, as well as one of the grottos up front. 

This grotto has Davy Crockett’s name carved in it, but this is acknowledged to have been done by someone else. 

And what would The Alamo be without cactus?  I touched the side of one of the thorns, and I’m sure if I had touched the point, my finger would have bled. 

The Alamo is easy to find—near Crockett Street and Alamo Plaza. 

Below is a historic church, on the way to and from The Alamo, which preserves the old mission style. 

Here’s a building near the City Hall that shows the beautiful old architecture. 

This building really is as red as the picture shows—no retouching. 

More sightseeing to come, along with reports on the convention.  


msmariah said...

How is 'Worldcon' versus 'Dragoncon?'

Mark Murata said...

I can't say for sure, since I've never been to Dragoncon. Baen publishing said some of their people were at Dragoncon, and in a previous year they even had some of their people at Dragoncon dial in for a panel by videoconference.

I believe that Dragoncon has more eemphasis on TV and movies then Worldcon does, and a more serious approach to costuming. Worldcon focuses more on authors and books.

I used to say that Worldcon is the biggest science fiction convention in the world, but that was before I looked up Dragoncon.


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