Saturday, July 13, 2013

Obama in Movie Trailer

The new trailer for Red 2 has Obama in it.  Seriously. 

Do not try this at home.  The production company must have paid big money to the news corporation that owns the copyright for the clip (without telling them what they were going to use it for.)  If you try to do the same, you will be hammered for copyright infringement. 

And then we bloggers can insert links to their gonzo ad.  


Flash said...

Great post Mark~ I'm amazed (why I don't know) that Hollywierd would be on this so quickly. Have always enjoyed Bruce Willis. Thanks!

msmariah said...

Yeah I thought that was a little weird. I've seen movies do that before. I think 'Contact' with Jodie Foster actually took footage of Bill Clinton speaking and spliced it into their film. I don't think they asked for permission.


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