Monday, June 10, 2013

Nicolas Cage as Superman

In anticipation of the new Superman movie, I’ll bring up the little-known fact that Nicolas Cage was once cast for the part. 

photo by Kirk Weaver

This was back in the 1990s.  When I heard it, I could not imagine Cage doing the part.  But recently, the test photos of him in the super suit surfaced.  I can’t show you them without my blog violating copyright, but the New York Daily News shows them here

For those who ask WHY? I’ll just say that Cage obviously didn’t think it beneath him to destroy the legend. 

For better or worse, the new movie coming out has Henry Cavill, and he has the advantage of actually looking like Superman. 

photo by Sirab


Ashley Nixon said...

Wow! Cage really does look like a good Superman! I couldn't imagine it either until I looked at those photos. How cool!

Henry Cavill does look like Clark Kent! The earlier trailers were so odd to me, though. First, they used "The Breaking of the Fellowship" as the music, and Superman looked like he was straight out of Deadliest Catch. I'm excited to see the movie though!

Crystal Collier said...

I haven't heard the greatest things about the movie, nonetheless, I will be seeing it. I'm SO GLAD Cage didn't play Superman. He's a great actor for some roles, but Superman? *scratches head*

Anonymous said...

I need my Clark Kent to have an excellent torso (rubber suit alone does not hack it!) and a non-nasal voice. I, too, am grateful that Nicolas Cage was kept from spoiling the Superman image.


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