Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kevin Sorbo had Strokes?

Did you know that Kevin Sorbo had three strokes while filming the series Hercules?  It happened in 1997—blurry vision, dizziness, buzzing sensation.  The series had to cover for him by bringing in guest stars.  Read about it here

I don’t remember if I watched any of the Hercules episodes.  I mainly remember him as Captain Dylan Hunt of the Andromeda Ascendant. 

His character of Dylan Hunt was fascinating.  He leaves his Commonwealth when it’s a vibrant civilization, then returns in a future age after its collapse and sees chaos in the formerly united star systems.  With a massively powerful spaceship, haphazard diplomatic skills, and the will to succeed, he slowly pieces together a civilization from the often hostile and provincial worlds he visits. 

They had a good interplay of characters.  Dylan Hunt’s burden makes him unique.  Yes, he can use his ship to obliterate anyone who stands in his way, but he has to act diplomatically or it’s all for nothing.  The humorous engineer Seamus Harper has no such burden, so he often says the equivalent of “blow them up” or “let’s get out of here.”  (By the way, some animated Disney flicks let the humorous sidekick have too much fun, which skews the movie away from its main tension, since the sidekick does not have the same burden as the main character.)  Tyr Anasazi essentially fills the Klingon slot.  And of course there’s Andromeda herself, who fills the role of the loyal aide who is always there for him.  (More on her in a future post.) 

 And it doesn’t hurt that Andromeda
was designed to look like this 

But I’m very impressed with Kevin Sorbo’s perseverance.  For a review of one his quieter movies on my old website, you can see it here

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