Monday, March 25, 2024

Dune 1984

I recently saw the 1984 version of Dune in a movie theater. It was thrilling to see on a big screen Princess Irulan introduce the story, House Atreides emerge onto Arrakis, blue-eyed Paul Atreides speak in a declamatory voice, and of course, the worm riding.

The main difference in terms of characters from the more recent movies is that 1984 Paul Atreides is clearly a hero. It is easy to sympathize with him as he struggles to free people and fulfill his destiny. The 2021-2024 Paul is more of an anti-hero.

In terms of plot, the main difference is the weirding way. In the 1984 Dune, this is a form of marital arts, but they also have weirding modules. Paul and others can shout into a weirding module, and a pulse of force emerges. This was almost inevitable after other science fiction space movies had ray and beam weapons. And it was shown as crucial in going up against armies with automatic weapons. The 2021-2024 Dune has the weirding way remain a form of martial arts, which is closer to the novel.

So without casting aspersion against the new version, I still have great affection for the 1984 movie. One needs to see the expanded version shown on TV to see the widow of Jamis, and also the wacko source of the water of life.

Instead of showing a typical trailer, here is funny story by Patrick Stewart, who played Gurney.

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