Thursday, April 14, 2016

Norwescon 2016 Part II

So now here are some more pictures from Norwescon, that big science fiction convention in Seattle I attended. Here’s the Dalek that Torrey Stenmark saved me from.

That plant is in the background; it’s not a headdress. That’s also a lesson for writing: do not let the background overwhelm what you’re trying to get across in a scene.

One of the sessions was on how Roman legions fought. As you can see, it was hands-on with authentic shields.

The fellow on the left was the instructor—very knowledgeable. Below is the pagan army.

They’re pretty much just there to get slaughtered.

Here are some Medieval villagers.

NPC means non-player character. In other words, a character in a game that is not controlled by a player—a character that is controlled by a computer or employees of the game company. So they are drolly suggesting that this is a video game, and the woman on the right is not an avatar of a real person.

Medieval themes were very common.

The armor was not normally made of metal, but some of the weapons were.

Here are Perseus and Medusa. These costumes were fantastic.

They were asked to do a fighting pose, though we know they were allies. And if you’re really boned up on your mythology, you’ll know whose head is on Athena’s shield.

Superheroes were popular.

The less traditional comic book figures can have guns.

And here are Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

And who is the little figure that Poison Ivy is holding? 

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