Friday, December 26, 2014

I Saw the Doctor Who Christmas Special

Yes, I saw it, but I won’t reveal what was in it. Instead, I’ll post an eerie dream I had back in 2009. Does it resemble the Doctor Who Special? You’ll have to watch it to find out.

I strongly encourage writers to write down their dreams. That way, you’ll have nifty accounts like this.

            I was sitting in a Bible study, possibly in a pew or in a row of chairs. I was at the end of my row, and to my left a friend of mine was at the end of his row, and his wife was beyond him. The friend and I were both reading texts while someone was up front, pointing at things on an overhead projection screen.
            It might have been at this point that my alarm went off, waking me. I reached up and shut it off. I looked out my window from my bed. The blinds were partway up, and I could see it was snowing out, which the news last night had predicted was a possibility. The snowflakes were a good size, and they were being blown from right to left by the wind, so it was snowing horizontally.
            I woke up from that dream and saw the snowflakes were actually very fine. They were coming down vertically, but the slightest draft would blow them from left to right for a moment.
            I woke up from that dream and saw that the window was now right next to my bed, without any blinds. I could see in the dim light someone was climbing up the building. Part of him was showing through the right edge of the pane, which was near my head. He was making knocking or hammering sounds as he climbed, and I could also see the head of a dog through the left part of the window -- which shouldn’t have been possible, since I live on the second floor. The dog was staring at me or the climber, but it wasn’t barking.
            Grabbing the edge of the sliding window that was near my head, I opened it. I grasped the edge of some of the climber’s clothing and yelled, “Hey! What are you up to?” He didn’t pay any attention to me, though my grabbing him stopped his climbing any further. He was dressed like an elf. Not an elf out of Tolkien, but one of Santa’s elves -- colorful, simple clothing, and with a cap. His nose was prominent and red. He simply looked off into the distance to my left.
            I realized my room was very dark. What I thought had been the edge of the sliding window was actually the edge of a room divider I had been grabbing in my sleep.
            I woke up from that dream and saw my window was the usual distance away, and the drapes and blinds were closed. Some dim light was coming in, which is usual for this time in the morning. I haven’t looked outside to see if it is snowing yet.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I'd like to write more of my dreams down. I've only documented a few of them. Even the amazing, vivid ones I forget after a while.

Stephanie Faris said...

I don't watch Dr. Who, but this sounds like an interesting plot for a TV show or movie, for sure!

Cherie Reich said...

Dreams do make for some weird stories, and I have used them in stories before too.


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