Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Best Non-Fiction of 2012

I’ve already reviewed Kevin Sorbo’s autobiography, True Strength, so this is an excuse to show the cover that so many people seem to enjoy. 

Kevin Sorbo suffered three strokes, so you can show off that you’re reading a book about persevering through suffering. 

Second place goes to Argo, which I reviewed here.  I strongly recommend you either see the movie (and yes, Ben Affleck got robbed at the Oscars) or read the book. 

The funny thing is, the American edition has a cover with generic silhouettes on it.  To get the cover with Ben Affleck, you have to order the British edition, though he is less well-known over there.  It’s one of the vagaries of the publishing business. 

Cannibalism, Headhunting and Human Sacrifice in North America by George Franklin Feldman. 

As the subtitle states, this is a history forgotten. Various Native Americans practiced cannibalism in ritual child sacrifice, the sacrifice of slaves, and in highly ritualized attempts to emulate cannibal gods.  

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