Monday, December 31, 2012


In my current work, The War of the Worlds and Fairies, fairies cross over from their realm to ours pretty much at will. 


Their realm is called Faerie, pronounced FAY-uh-ree.  What surprises me is a lot of contemporary fantasy writers use the word in an archaic sense, where it denotes an individual fairy.  But I’m pretty sure that men like Tolkien and Lewis used Faerie to mean the realm itself. 

Which brings us to the main characteristic about fairies:  Whether they have wings or not, whether they are our size or not, they must be from a different realm.  This realm may be far off geographically, or as in my story, it coexists with ours.  

Here is how Ashley, my main character, describes it (our realm is the Mundane): 

Yet so vain are the people of the Earth, and so blinded by vanity, that no writer up to the very end of the nineteenth century expressed any idea that intelligent life might have developed on Mars at all, or indeed beyond our earthly level of intelligence.  Such a realization should not have taxed the imagination of either man or fairy, since the realm of Faerie had so recently discovered the realm of the Mundane, and the Mundane the Faerie:  The Faerie a realm of silver webs and golden pixie dust, the Mundane a realm of steam engines and cold iron.  Why should it be so hard to realize intelligent life existed on a different world? 

I’ll have more posts on the fairies in the future on this blog.  

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