Monday, October 1, 2012

Review of Pitch Perfect

Okay, I’m reviewing another movie, but this should be it for a while. 

Pitch Perfect is a fun, uplifting movie.  Not only are the songs great, the songs are presented as performances—in contrast to musicals, where people burst out in song for no reason.  You can completely enjoy the singing, even if you don’t like the plot. 

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the story.  They didn’t pretend to do anything original.  Anna Kendrick plays Beca, the smart new girl who comes along to an all girl group of singers, is looked down upon by the leader, but eventually is able to remix their act.  What I like about this movie is it’s an old story done well. 

Kendrick herself is amazing.  When she does her audition for the group, the movie theater I was in was hushed in amazement.  I knew she was an actress but had no idea she had that level of talent.  And she’s completely believable as the seemingly unflappable girl who knows her stuff, but has a good deal of brittleness beneath the cool exterior. 

All the songs are a capella.  The boy group who are their bitter rivals are amazing.  And when the leader of the girls keeps insisting they sing “I Saw the Sign,” it is laugh out loud funny.  After a certain unpleasant character leaves the story, there are no bad guys when it comes down to the final competition.  Just enjoyable singing that leaves the viewer with a lift. 

I now have two different pictures of Anna Kendrick as desktops, one at home and one at work.  


Elizabeth Seckman said...

I can't wait to watch the trailer on TV with "fat Amy", where she says she just says it up front, so people don't have to talk about her behind her back.
I think Rebel Wilson is simply beautiful!

Jess said...

I've loved Anna K. as an actress ever since I saw Up in the Air!

Mark Murata said...

When I saw her name being floated around this year, I was shocked to discover she had been in the Twilight movie (I only saw the first one). She was very young, but put in a realistic performance back then.

Dan O. said...

It plays around with its premise and idea in a goofy and fun way, but never fully comes around and takes us by surprise. Still, you’ll have a good time regardless. Nice review Mark.


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