Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The stars above, Neil Armstrong

What’s wrong with this picture?  (This should be the last time I make fun of McKayla.) 

[Sorry, the picture of McKayla standing next to Darth Vader did not have copyright clearance.] 

Answer:  You would not be able to see the stars to the right of Darth’s head.  I don’t know how many scenes in movies or books have the stars visible through the window of a brightly-lit spacecraft or living room, which would be silly.  It’s called internal reflection, and unless you get right up close to the window, so your own body is blocking the internal light source, the dim stars outside will simply not show. 

Neil Armstrong 

On a different but related note, a few intelligent and a great many uninformed people think the moon landings were a hoax.  This is an offense to true science, especially as we mark the passing away of Neil Armstrong. 

One of the complaints is that the shots of the astronauts on the moon often do not show stars in the black sky, therefore they are fake.  Well, if they were fakes, don’t you think they would have put stars in? 

The cameras had to be adjusted for the brightness of the spacesuits and the regolith (the substance of the moon’s soil).  Otherwise, all the shots would have been blurry, overexposed smudges.  So the cameras did not pick up the faint stars in the background.  

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Jess said...

Nice post! Yep, it's crazy what some people think of as conspiracy theories :)


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