Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Strange Case of the Guy Writing

I spent much of yesterday, the 4th of July, writing in a crowded park.  (Fireworks were scheduled for that night.)  I tend to write my drafts in pencil, then go home and enter it in my computer, making changes along the way. 

More than one person walking by stared at me.  These were not friendly looks.  They stared suspiciously, as if wondering what was wrong with me.  Maybe they thought everyone writes on tablets or laptops nowadays. 

Later, a gal who was busy texting almost walked into me as I sat writing on a park bench.  Her friend guided her away by her elbow, but she still texted, oblivious. 

I guess this is the point where I put on my Werner Herzog accent and ask:  Who here was truly out of it?  But I forgot my jacket, so I didn’t stay for the fireworks.  

1 comment:

Carrie Butler said...

I'm sorry you missed the fireworks! At least you got some writing time in. :)


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