Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Dread Night—A Temple Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from my historical fantasy manuscript. Iphi (short for Iphigenia) was taken away from her family in Mycenae, in ancient Greece. Now a grown woman in a foreign temple, she sees unexplainable events happening one night. This is how the chapter ends.

photo by Rita 1234

Noise surrounded the temple—rushing winds. Iphi stopped with her mouth open. A chill like a winter stream crept up her back. The sound wasn’t a low roar but higher, as if whistling through cracks. It resembled a woman’s scream.

The wind blew in through the high windows, and the lamps flickered wildly, casting weird shadows on the plastered walls. One by one, they blew out in their sconces. Iphi regained her ability to speak. “This can’t be. The wind reaching the lamps?”

It started with the ones closest to the double doors. The darkening of the lamps ebbed towards them, the far parts of the walls and stone slabs of the floor disappearing from sight. It was as if some unseen being was approaching, trapping them in darkness. As the last two lamps on either side of the hall remained flickering, she knew their light was what stood between her and madness.

She felt arms about her thighs and looked down to see Melinta holding her. The grip of her strong hands was uncomfortable, but she couldn’t bring herself to shrug off the girl, whose wide eyes showed silent fear. The other three women were whimpering as they huddled together, their black eyes and red lips hideous in the failing light.

Iphi looked back in time to see one of the remaining lamps go out. She stared at the last one, holding her breath, waiting.

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