Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Finished Manuscript – Alpha Shift

I have finished my science fiction manuscript Alpha Shift. It is 87,623 words long.

The Panama is a massive spaceship whose Fleet has never gone to war for all these years. So the bridge has been repurposed to do news broadcasts with the captain as the lead anchor. Practical crew remain, like the Marines and the engineering crew, but Captain Chechi thinks of the ship in terms of her show.

Then a hostile force infiltrates the Panama.

Pearson’s hand gripped her shoulder. She raised her left hand to calm him, but felt something hard press against her side. Then all her bright illusions about how difficult her bridge duty was and how significant these celebrity interviews were collapsed into dust.
That was the muzzle of a gun pressed against her.
Pearson’s face had gone from chummy to a mask of determination.
The sound of a gunshot made her flinch.
Everything happened at once: She looked past Pearson’s head and saw the guard in the hallway go down, evidently the one who was shot. 
Terrence, to her right, whom she had thought was finding an excuse to press against her to counter her attention to Pearson, grabbed her arm.
Pearson forced her to stand. He shouted over her head. “I have the captain. BACK OFF.”

Will Captain Chechi become a harder, more capable person?

Other excerpts are posted here, here, and here


Lexa Cain said...

Congrats on finishing! Isn't it a great feeling? I wish you and Cpt Chechi much success. :)

Misha Gericke said...

Sounds awesome! :-)


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