Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Alpha Shift—Trapped in an Elevator

Do you like elevators?

In my work in progress, the science fiction novel Alpha Shift, Captain Christina Chechi was introduced in a previous post. She has been brutally attacked, with injuries to her right arm and tailbone. She has made it inside an elevator and is going for help. (The elevators on the ship look much like the elevators we have on Earth, since buttons are more reliable than voice commands when there is damage.)

She slid down the smooth metal wall, then shrieked when her rear end touched the floor. She found the least painful position was on her left side. Dizzy from pain, spots passed before her eyes.

Her head cleared. She tried the voice command for the elevator. Nothing. Of course not.

She looked up at the buttons, so distant. She would have to claw her way up with her left hand and hold herself steady long enough to slap at the button with her right, though that arm was stiffer than ever.

Christina took a huge breath and rolled from her left side onto all fours. She grabbed a railing and pulled.

The pain in her tailbone was excruciating as she stood. Huffing rapidly, she focused on the button panel. She hit the correct button with her right hand.

Nothing but pain in her arm and shoulder.

She hit it again. And again. She stopped and checked her vision. She was obviously hitting the right one.

Weaker now, Christina felt the blood draining down into her legs. She stabbed at the open button. Nothing. She tried again, but her strength failed.

She collapsed, landing on her right side, jarring her arm. Trapped, all Christina could do was roll onto her stomach. Then her mind went dark.

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