Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Alpha Shift—Hacked

It’s time to introduce the main character of my work in progress—Alpha Shift. Forces on board the ship kidnapped Captain Christina Chechi from the bridge. But she’s escaped, and she’s about to find out how badly the ship has been hacked.

A wall monitor gave a nonsensical message from Captain Akajima that didn’t mention her, Captain Chechi.

Arms at her sides, Christina made both hands into fists, hard, as if she were a teenager willing herself to grow taller. She raised one of them and tried calling the bridge.

A smiling picture of herself showed, wearing the wrong red dress. The image was an abomination of perfect hair, makeup, and costume, and it gave a winning smile as it said that all conditions were normal.

Christina hit the wall monitor.

She put her hands over her eyes and told herself to simmer down. Then she considered anew the general quarters alarms. This is not just about me. Even though she was captain, she was just one person, but communications in general had been sabotaged. They’re trying to take the ship. My ship.


Winter Moon said...

Loving this snippet from your WIP, I look forward to meeting more characters. :)

Crystal Collier said...

Not the ship!


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