Saturday, November 26, 2011

Athena and Perseus Flying

Instead of the current novel I'm working on, here's an excerpt from one of my Athena stories.  

           They flew along the southern coast of the mainland, the morning air still cool.  Perseus’ weight was no bother for Athena, but he was still so amazed at soaring between earth and sky that he kept moving around, trying to find different views. 
            “Keep still.  I’m not a couch.”  She tried to sound authoritative, but the words came out annoyed as she spoke against the wind.  “It’s bad enough how the air flows because of you—and the flow past your head differs from the drag against your legs.  I have to keep adjusting when you squirm like a baby.” 
            “I don’t enjoy being coddled.”  Perseus’ voice came out low and firm—no fear of falling into the sea below them at all.  “No disrespect, great Athena, but is there some other way I can be carried?” 
            The other way would be on her back.  Somehow, the idea of him on top of her made Athena uncomfortable.  “You’ve squirmed enough!  I’ll have to change how I carry you.” 
            She tossed him upward, just a hand’s span.  She managed to catch him in a way that was more comfortable for carrying. 
            Perseus’ eyes were as wide as robin eggs.  Then he clenched his jaw muscles to control himself, though she had just treated him like a sack of wheat carried to a threshing floor.  But in this case, the threshing floor was the blue water below.  He sounded unimpressed.  “I have had worse tosses by horses.” 
            “Any horse do this?”  Athena threw him completely out of her arms.  

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