Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Olivia gets a little too blonde

In this part of my vampire parody, Olivia, a sister of the main character, has gotten a rideshare from a stranger to her parents' house.  

They were halfway up the street when a teenage boy came running out of a yard—her parents’ yard.  “Oh no!”  That’s the kid Dee warned about.  Had he attacked her parents?  She unclasped the seatbelt and grabbed the dollar bills she had stashed in her pocket.  “Here’s the money!  Let me out fast.” 
            She froze when she saw Ellie scram out of the yard after the kid, rolling pin raised high over her head.  “OH NO!”  Vampire or no, the family would never recover from that kind of stereotype.  “Heh heh.  That’s my mom.  Must be some pesky student selling stuff for his school.” 
            The driver slammed on the brakes, then turned and unlocked one of the rear doors.  “GET IN!”  The kid complied, hopping into a back seat. 
            “Uh, no.  You don’t know who this guy is.”  Then Olivia realized the two of them knew each other.  And also, that she wasn’t being as smart a blonde as she liked. 
            The driver cranked the car into a vicious U-turn, leaving Olivia plastered against her window.  Her face smushed, she called out to Ellie.  “MOM!  HELP!”  

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