Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dee and Hope escape

The following is an excerpt from my vampire parody.  You might notice this isn’t one of the funny scenes.  Dee and her injured friend Hope are escaping from a shed, where they had been held by vampires. 

            “But they said they had to report to someone.”  Dee opened the shed door a crack, then they went out.  Everything should have been pitch black, but a couple of low path lights were on—they looked like the kind that absorbed solar energy during the day, to illumine a path at night. 
            Hope leaned heavily on her.  “Why the night lights?” 
            “Not even vampires can see in the dark.” 
            “Did the duct tape rip a lot of hair off?” 
            “Are you implying I have hairy legs?” 
            She could see the service truck the vampires had used, when they pretended to be electricians.  Dee hauled her friend towards it as fast as she could, her feet tangling dangerously with Hope’s.  A couple dark shapes loomed to their left, which she took to be other sheds.  No sign of the two vampires.  No sign of whomever they reported—   
            Dee stopped, in spite of herself.  Something loomed to the right of them.  Some thing.  She turned towards it.  Darker than their nighttime surroundings, darker than the sheds.  She had the vague impression of a hooded figure. 
            Impossible to judge how close it was.  Dee lost awareness of any sounds, of any chill from the night air.  There was just the dark figure, more solid than anything else.  Some menacing feel of purpose emanated from it.  The figure reached out an arm towards her. 
            A voice broke her out of it.  It was Hope, getting increasingly loud.  “Let’s get out of here!  Dee!  LET’S GET OUT HERE!”  


Ellie Garratt said...

I loved the final paragraph; it made me shiver! Loved it.

Ellie Garratt

Mark Murata said...

As I said, this was not one of the funny scenes. Hopefully, if this gets published, it'll be seen as a romp through the current vampire landscape.


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