Monday, May 30, 2011

Athena's race

Athena is having to race against Pallas, another immortal.  They have to wear full armor and weapons as they run.  

       More laps passed.  Athena was midway through a straight portion when she noticed Pallas doing something funny again.  She was pulling one of her tridents off her back as she finished the curve ahead.  Getting ready for more humiliation, Athena assumed the tall girl would now put on another burst of speed, showing how fast she could run while holding a large object in one hand. 
        The trident tore through the air, barely two cubits in front of her. 
         Athena came to a dead stop.  It had been an incredible throw by Pallas.  Horribly fast and accurate, the close pass by the trident was meant to startle her and slow her down.  But even worse, Athena had stopped. 
         “Come on!”  She made her feet start running again.  Ignoring the image in her mind of the points of the trident penetrating her skin and then pulling out a gobbet of flesh when jerked out, she had to regain her former speed.  It was quite a burst of her own she put on, and she felt the bronze pleats bapping her thighs through the leather apron.  She hoped her leather shoes wouldn’t tear from the exertion. 
         She allowed herself a brief glance after going around the curve.  Pallas was over half a lap ahead.  Athena shouted at where the Olympians were sitting and standing.  “A foul!  A foul!”  She pointed at Pallas, her upper arm touching her own hot bronze. 
Zeus spread his large hands, palms downward.  “You were informed this wasn’t just a race, but about running in combat.”  His voice held no sympathy.  “No foul.  No foul.” 
         Athena’s face grew hot, and it wasn’t from the desert heat.  They knew.  They knew that making them run with spears and tridents would end with their throwing weapons at each other.  

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