Monday, May 16, 2011

Athena and Perseus Argue

Athena and Perseus have stumbled upon people in the desert sand that the Medusa and other Gorgons have turned to stone.

     “A family.”  Athena was disgusted.  “They killed a family.” 
     Perseus gestured at the other figures.  “Athena, all these are facing away from the Gorgons.” 
     “As if fleeing.”  She thought deeply.  “They do not turn to stone instantly.  This man was carrying the child as they fled.  The Gorgons do something to them to start the process of hardening, then the victims try to get away.” 
     “‘Start the process.’  You mean something different from just their ugliness?” 
      “No matter what, use the reflection in the shield to look at them.  I’m not sure what is happening.  My thoughts on this are incomplete.” 
     “My mother once told me of a man who was bitten by a snake, and he became stiff, as if made of wood --” 
     “Did you go deaf?”  Athena was angry about the dead family, angry about secrets held by her fellow immortals, and angry about her inability to control this young man.  “Do not ponder your way into doing something unsafe.  I didn’t pluck you off the island of Samos so you could think your way into trouble, instead of listening to wisdom!” 
     “You didn’t choose a man who was deaf, or unable to think.  I can do both!”  His cheeks tightened with anger.  “Why can’t I listen to your wisdom as you talk out loud, and we both begin to draw the same conclusion?” 
     “Because we’re approaching danger, that’s why!” 
     “Oh, is that why I brought this weapon?  I thought we were approaching some paved fountain in the desert with little children skipping around.”  
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